Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 21:28:20 -0800

>Hmm, I might have to see about getting the other 2 X CDs and the 20th
>Anniv. Symphonic Concert CD.

Any one of the above gives you more value than any of the 08th MS Team CDs,
that's for sure!

>And now I'm glad I only have the first Evangelion CD. Although I kinda
>like the music from Death and Rebirth and am thinking about ordering that.

Actually I prefer Eva OST vol. 2 (with Rei on cover) over the vol. 1. The
End of Evangelion OST is probably the only good CD after vol. 2.

>>Music-wise, I think 08th MS Team is probably the lowest in my book. They
>>have good J-pop songs, but the score just doesn't cut it at all. No
>>memorable theme whatsoever.
>Actually, I was talking about the story itself being among my favorites.
>As for 8th MS Team's music, I admit, it ain't the best. I do however
>really like the opening, and I didn't think the closing theme was TOO bad.

Yeah, those are the J-pop songs I was referring to. Too bad the BGM was
just so... bland. There isn't a single memorable riff or motif from that


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