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On Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:25:50 -0800 Edward Ju <> wrote:

>The 3 OST CDs for Gundam X is surprisingly consistent, unlike multi-OST
>releases from most other anime series, which invariably follow this pattern
>of great->not bad->THIS SUCKS! GIMME MY MONEY BACK! Even the 3 V Gundam
>OST CDs follows this pattern to some extent. Evangelion is probably the
>worst offender of all time.
>The excerpt from X in the 20th Anniv. Symphonic Concert CD is one of the
>program's highlights - it features a very dissonent-sounding lead violin
>that got a lot of solo spots, which you don't get to hear from the X OSTs.

Hmm, I might have to see about getting the other 2 X CDs and the 20th Anniv. Symphonic Concert CD.

And now I'm glad I only have the first Evangelion CD. Although I kinda like the music from Death and Rebirth and am thinking about ordering that.

>Music-wise, I think 08th MS Team is probably the lowest in my book. They
>have good J-pop songs, but the score just doesn't cut it at all. No
>memorable theme whatsoever.

Actually, I was talking about the story itself being among my favorites. As for 8th MS Team's music, I admit, it ain't the best. I do however really like the opening, and I didn't think the closing theme was TOO bad.


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