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Well, I'm finally in part two with Zeon(Under Giren) and I must say that I'm
getting my ass kicked from all sides. not only are GMII a lot tougher than
I gave them credit to be, I barely have Zeta Era MSs to even try to match up
with them! Both Neo Jeon and TItans have maxed out their tech trees while
I'm 13/16/13....and I'm in turn 65! I think I should've left Jaburo a bit
and teched up a bit. The fact that I only have enough money to build 1
group of Galbady Alphas doesn't help..especially against the swarm of Hound
Docs, Mark II's and Phyco Gundams I'm coming up against (The Phyco Gundam is
by far the scariest thing I've ever encoutered). The FA Alex is also a huge
pain in the ass(since you have to destroy it twice, and the fact that the
GP03 is out there somewhere is of no help to me...why can't I get any good
Units? ;_; BTW, it's rather funny to see Goufs and Kamfners fighting Zeta
Era MSs. I remember them being more powerful....

I also managed to steal GP-02..but no nuke! Doh! :P

And for those that didn't kiss up alot, I think you really should. Anahiem
gets you a lot of free Techs and Free MSes if you keep up a steady supply of
money for them, and it was the only way that I managed to get Gaplants and
the Gundams I'm using now(I can build them, but they're too expensive for me
to even think about it). You know I'm in deep trouble when my Savior MS is
the...HiZack :)

I also have the plans for a number of Advanced MS designs(Read Zeta Era) but
I'm too low of a level to actually do it. I know one of them is the Rick
Dias...grr...I managed to kill off the Titan's presence on earth..and the
Neo Jeon(Who I kissed up like crazy) took over their territory. Great.

Oh, one thing I found interesting is that Hamaan Karn and her group from
Axis all come under Giren's control, around turn 30. It surprised me at
first, but I suppose it makes logical sense. One thing I'm really worried
about is the fact that Neo Jeon's main base is Granada..which is right next
to my main base of Side 3 AND A Bao Aku.

Anyone faring any better than me? Tips?

Funniest Quote that I found in the game-Ranba Ral(While on a Dom):Gouf to wa
chigaun da yo!, Gouf to wa! ;)

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