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> I also heard that the controll was really hard to use, is that true?

Personally I don't have any problem with it. In fact I think they are
great and I don't know how else they could have included all the
controls.. Here are the controls:

Left Trigger = Jump and hover/fly
Right Trigger = Raise shield
Analog stick = Head camera
Y - Green button = Scope mode on/off
X - Yellow button = cycle through weapons
B - Blue button = Lock-on/off and also centre direction of head camera
when held down.
A - Red button = Use weapon/Reload

START - brings up your battle computer system - map, status, order,
mission objectives.

D Pad = Move MS
Up= Forward, UpUp=hover forward at high speed
Down= Crouch
Left = rotate left LeftLeft=hover and strafe left
Right = rotate right RightRight=hover and strafe right

You can't run backwards but you can jump backwards.

People may have trouble trying to operate everything at once initially
but once you learn the controls it should come naturally and you
shouldn't have much trouble piloting it.

It may be that when people talk about it being hard to control, they may
be talking about the relatively slow speed of the MS compared to other
mech games. If you are familiar with MS performance, on Earth, from the
anime, it should be just how you expect a MS to handle.

And another thing, in order to be successful you have to constantly check
the map for enemy position, friendly position and give orders
accordingly. Fortunately, though unrealistically, everything pauses when
you access the battle computer so you won't get killed while looking at
your map etc...and gives you more time to decide your strategy.


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