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> >Any ideas where I can get Episode Listings for the Original Gundam Series, V
> >Gundam, Gundam X, G Gundam?
> For brevity's sake, I'm sending these one series at a time.
> There are some Japanese phrases with which I'm unfamiliar or about which
> uncertain, included parenthetically.
> Mobile Suit Gundam
> #1: Gundam Stands Its Ground *
> #2: Gundam Demolition Order (hakai)

hakai means destroy, demolish etc...

> #3: Strike The Enemy Supply Ship! (yokyukan o tatake)

It should be 'hokyukan' not 'yokyukan' = supply ship
tatake=hit, swat,strike etc...(The 'ke' on the end makes it an order)

> #4: Luna-2 Escape Operation ** (sakusen)

sakusen= operation, plan,tactics, strategy etc...

> #5: Plunge Into The Atmosphere

'totsunuu' = rush in, plunge in,dash in etc... in usual circumstances, but in this
case you can ignore the suddeness if you like and use re-enter like in English.

> #6: Garma's Sortie
> #7: Core Fighter Escape!
> #8: Wilderness Battlefield

'koya' can be translated as wilderness but the title here is a statement - 'The
battlefield is a wasteland'.

> #9: Fly! Gundam
> #10: Garma Falls (chiru)

'chiru' means scatter,disperse, spread, ...etc and fall as in leaves falling as
opposed to objects falling. It's a more poetic way to say it but it basically
means 'Garma dies'.

Similar to ZZ ep44 title 'Emily sange'

> #11: Icelina, Love's Aftermath
> #12: Zeon's Menace
> #13: Calamity, Mother...

'saikai' here is to meet a again, reunion etc...

> #14: Time Out (jikan yo tomare)

'jikan' = time
'tomare'= stop! (an order)
So it is more like 'Stop! time' but I guess 'Time out' means the same thing if you
are a sports fan. The Japanese title is an order to time itself (not the

> #15: Kukulus Dorn's Island

One thing to consider with the spelling of the names. Japanese people don't always
look at the written form to get the katakana form Often they just write it as they
hear it pronounced by the native speaker. With regard to foreign words and names
often the Japanese pronounciation is a lot closer than the English pronouciation
of foreign names.

eg 'Germany'
The German people call it Deutschland and Germans call themselves Deutsch.
The Japanese word is 'do i tsu'.
Germans pronounce German more like Gellman. The Japanese say 'ge ru ma n'

Another interesting fact, the Japanese for 'Jitterbug' is 'Ji ru ba'. If you never
heard of 'jitterbug' and saw 'ji ru ba' you probably don't know what to make of
it. But if you say 'ji ru ba' fast, it is almost indistinguishable (to a Japanese
ear anyway) from 'jitterbug'.

So if you see a weird name like 'Kukulus'. Instead of trying to reverse the
spelling, try to say it fast and you probably come up with something like
Cuckles,or Cockles,etc.. which is still weird but is probably more what you are
looking for.

This is the reason why in Z and ZZ Camille is actually pronouced, and is often
written as, 'Ka mi-yu' which is ofcourse more closer to the French pronounciation
than the English one.

One last note. Today America is called 'A me ri ka' and Americans are called 'A me
ri ka jin' but in the early days they used to be called 'me ri ken jin'. 'me ri
ken' you've got to admit sounds a lot more like the American pronouciation of
'American'. Oddly enough the word still exists today in common use as the Japanese
word for flour! 'me ri ken ko' which is literally American powder.

> #16: Sayla's Sortie
> #17: Amuro Deserts (dosso)

It's 'dasso' not 'dosso'. As noted in the ZZ post it means 'to desert'

> #18: Hotshot Azzam Leader (shakunetsu)

'Azzam Leader' is actually the name of the weapon which is launched/deployed from
the Azzam.
'shakunetsu' means red hot, white hot, incandescent etc...

The azzam leader is dropped and activated above a target. When it is positioned
above a target it shoots out, 360degrees, special wires into the ground encasing
the traget in a wire 'dome'. Once the target is trapped , it releases somekind of
a electrical charge through the wires and fries everything within the 'dome'.

> #19: Ranba Lal Suicide Attack

'tokko' means special attack but during WWII the Japanese suicide attack corps was
called the 'tokkotai' = special attack force, special attack corp, special attack
team etc...

> #20: Life Or Death! White Base (shito)

'shito' means desperate struggle, mortal combat, life-or-death situation etc...

> #21: A Fierce Fight Deepens The Hatred (gekisen)

It's 'gekito' here not 'gekisen' = both mean the same - fierce fight, fierce
battle, desperate battle erc... except that with 'gekito' you are fighting an
intangible foe eg poverty, hunger, desperation ' a fierce fight' may
convey the wrong idea.

> #22: Break The Ma Kube Seige

typo here 'Siege'.

> #23: Matilda Rescue Operation (sakusen)

'sakusen' see #4

> #24: Melée! Triple Dom (hakugeki)

hakugeki- close-in and attack, short range attack etc...

> #25: Fierce Fight At Odessa (gekisen)

See #21 This time you are fighting a tangible foe.

> #26: Char's Reinstatement (fukkatsu)

As with 'sairin' in the ZZ ep39 'Sarasa sairin'. 'Fukkatsu' and 'sairin' are words
associated with Jesus Christ's rise from the dead in Japan. Resurection,
restoration, revival, rebirth etc.. It's not the Japanese word for reinstatement
but I guess it means the same.

> #27: A Woman Spy Sneaks In
> #28: The Atlantic Ocean, Dyed With Blood
> #29: Jaburu Falls (chiru)

See #10. In this case it's a description of the Zeon MS falling onto Jaburo and
not Jaburo itself falling. So it is more like 'fall into/onto Jaburo' or 'Descent
on Jaburo' or something like this.

> #30: Untenable Defense Line (chiisana)

'chiisana' = small so it should be 'A small defence line'

> #31: Zanzibar Pursuit!
> #32: Breakthrough Operation (kyokotoppa sakusen)

'kyoko' = force, enforce, or by force in this case.
'toppa' = breakthrough
'sakusen' see previous episodes.
I don't know if you can neatly put in the 'kyoko' part into the title but there
might be a more appropriate English term used in the military for a similar
operation such as penetration? How about 'High-speed breakthrough operation'. I
won't suggest alternatives involving penetration. : )

> #33: Conscon Assault
> #34: Fateful Meeting

'Fateful encounter'?

> #35: Solomon Conquest Plan (koryakusen)

The 'sen' here on its own is not a plan. It's a fight,a battle,a war etc...
In terms of meaning it should be more like 'Battle to conquer Solomon' or may be
just 'Battle for Solomon' ?

> #36: Terror! Mobile Big Zam
> #37: Skirmish In Texas (kobo)

'ko' = offence
'bo' = defence
It should be like 'Attack and Defend at Texas'

> #38: Reunion, Char & Sayla
> #39: New Type, Sharya Bull
> #40: Lalar's Elmeth

Oddly it should be 'Elmeth's Lalar'. The title is trying to convey that Lala
belongs to Elmeth in the sense that she has sided with the Zeon and she acts
accordingly, despite the emergence of other feelings.

> #41: Shining Universe

The title is a description of the effect of the solar ray/solar system weapon.
Universe may be too big?

> #42: Space Fortress A'Bao'A'Qu
> #43: Escape
> * Literally, Gundam Stands Up From The Ground (daichi ni tatsu)
> ** "Evacuation" might be closer, but the same word (dasshutsu) is used here
> are in Episodes 7 and 43


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