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Chris Beilby wrote:

> >By the way if you can read Japanese you can sit a mock Zeon Military
> >Academy
> >Final Exam at the Perfect Web page. This is in commemoration of the release
> >of
> >the PSX Giren's Greed game. You have to enter your personal details but you
> >can
> >use English. The Exam is in four sections with 25 questions each and all
> >questions are multi-choice (Is it called multi-choice in the US?).
> >
> >Section 1 - Knowledge of Universal Century and the Zeon
> >This is probably the toughest section. Will weed out the men from the
> >boys...
> >
> >Section 2 - Questions related to the PSX version of the game
> >You have to know the game well to answer all of this section.
> >
> >Section 3 & 4 Psychological and Newtype ability section
> >This is a psychological profile test and also to determine newtype ability.
> >
> >Tet
> Is there anyone out there who would be willing to do a translation of this
> perchance?

I was going to but then I saw that there are 100 wordy questions with 4 wordy
answers to choose from per question and I gave up! : )

Perhaps someone with Translingo can do it for you.


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