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>Whee! Who'd've thought that second least favorite Gundam series (Gundam X
>having taken the bottom honors) would generate such heated debate?
>Meanwhile, Ben's asking about the episode titles for the original series, V
>Gundam, G Gundam and (gulp!) Gundam X. I'll be posting my listings
>shortly, so get your kanji dictionaries and translation software ready....

Hey! I happen to LIKE Gundam X! Some might consider it campy, but seeing hundreds of colonies dropping on Earth at once really grabs the eye. I also liked the characters, the mobile suit designs, and the setting (I love post apocalyptic stories and Gundam and this had both). And additionally, X had some of the best music I've heard in any Gundam series I've got music for (and I've got music from them all I think). F91 and CCA come close, but I love the opening two songs and the ending theme from the Side 1 CD, and really like the music in between.

Call me crazy, but X ranks high in my opinion of Gundam series. I like the others (and even rank some higher than X like 8th MS Team), but it is just something about this series that grabs me.


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