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>Any ideas where I can get Episode Listings for the Original Gundam Series, V
>Gundam, Gundam X, G Gundam?

For brevity's sake, I'm sending these one series at a time.

I've only got ten episodes of G-Gundam, with a preview of episode 11 to
give me one more title. Anyone who knows others should chip in.

Mobile Fighter G-Gundam

#1: Gundam Fight! Gundam Falls To Earth
#2: Roar! Super Punch That Won The Dream
#3: Defeat Him! Devil Dragon Gundam
#4: Victory or Defeat! Knight's Red Rose
#5: Big Escape! Gundam Fighter In Prison
#6: Fight, Domon! Earth Is The Ring
#7: Come & Get It! Desperate Fugitive
#8: Now I Have You! Space Police Revenge
#9: Hardcase! Hero Chapman's Challenge
#10: Fear! Phantom Fighter Apparition
#11: Falling Rain

Again, feel free to suggest translations.


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