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CT Chin writes,

> If you are looking for news and current toys and models, both are fine. HJ
> may have a slight edge on future news and rumors. If you are looking for
> cool models, again on average the two are about the same. HJ is steady as
> she goes, DH swings between amazing and so-so. DH also comes with more
> gimmicks, such as sticker sheets, datacards and special bonus booklets.
> DH also tends to be more clear and explicit when explaining how to do
> modifications. Overall I give DH a 83% and HJ a 80%.

  Hobby Japan does have the GEX (Gundam EXpress) section, where they pump
Bandai for details on upcoming projects and do a one- or two-page roundup of
upcoming Gundam products & events. But Dengeki Hobby is rapidly gaining
ground, devoting more pages to new releases and doing these cool
step-by-step build-ups of major new kits. Plus DH tends to revisit older
kits a lot, doing these cool retrospective features.

  On balance, both of them are virtually monthly Gundam model catalogs. :-)

  Model Graphix, which was once _the_ magazine for Gundam nuts, now does
hardly any coverage of mecha modelling, let alone Gundam. A couple of recent
isues have featured nostalgic looks back, but in general you'll find more
formula racers, tanks, and WW II fighter planes than mobile suits in these

-- Mark

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