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> Hobby? I ask this, because I am thinking about doing a magazine
> scans request web site. I'll post scans of stuff in the magazine that
> I need to know more about or that other people either want to see from
> the magazine (Gundam or mecha related for now).

A most noble and worthy cause! I would visit it very often I promise you.

> Now, is there any that would volunteer to translate Gundam articles

Arg! If I can see the pictures I can be 90% satisfied. I can translate
enough to figure out if a certain picture is a toy, injection kit, a GK or
a modification job, which is pretty much what you need anyway.

> For now, I want to buy the one magazine with the best Gundam
> coverage in it, either Dengeki Hobby or Hobby Japan. I would do my

That depends on what you call "coverage". Both will obviously do a
competent job of reporting and presenting current and future merchandise.
A major attraction for these magazine are the quality of the finished
models (usually modified) in the mag.

HJ tends to do several variously modified models based on the current
release (there were 4 or 5 different HGUC Quebley variants in two issues).
But I think DH just do 1 or 2. You can say HJ is more current, you can
say HJ is more hype.

DH tends to do a theme, so one month it may be amphibious MS showcase,
another may be Giren's Greed variants. Some are brilliant, others are a

If you are looking for news and current toys and models, both are fine. HJ
may have a slight edge on future news and rumors. If you are looking for
cool models, again on average the two are about the same. HJ is steady as
she goes, DH swings between amazing and so-so. DH also comes with more
gimmicks, such as sticker sheets, datacards and special bonus booklets.
DH also tends to be more clear and explicit when explaining how to do
modifications. Overall I give DH a 83% and HJ a 80%.

> best to update monthly, if I have enough cash left to buy that months
> issue. Anyone know of a good place to buy either magazine for a good
> price or maybe even one that can offer a subscription service type of
> deal?

I am lucky enough, the downtown Towers has HJ for customers to thumb
through. Another tiny model shop carry DH. Check you magazine stores and

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