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> I know that after Gundam ZZ, that Triple Zeta was in
> the works but got canned and instead Heavy Metal
> Dragonar replaced it...but someone told me that
> sketches/preliminary information was made available
> about the series, perhaps in Newtype magazine...
> anyone confirm this or have any information
> regarding the ZZZ Gundam?

I don't know much about ZZZ the planned animation
series, but I do know it exist as a fantasy kitbash MS
featured in 80's Plamo Kyoshiro manga: it is a
three-headed MS consists of the torso of Psyco-Gundam
mkII, the main head is that of Double Zeta,
accompanied by the heads of RX-78 Gundam and Zeta
Gundam on each shoulder armour. You can check out this
crazy creation on page 182 of Gundam Age (published by
Yozumisha in 1999; ISBN4-89691-379-5) a great Gundam
and Gunpla reference!

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