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Chien Ting Chin wrote:
> wrote:
> > Is Zeon spelled "Zeon" or is it spelled "Jion"? I recenlty watched my
> > subbed Animevillage MSG Movie Trilogy and it sounds like Zeon is
> > actually pronounced Jion. Which is correct?
> The answer is yes! It's spelt Zeon and pronounced Jion.
> I could be wrong... But I think there was first the katakana Jion, and
> then like everything else there were more than one way to romanize it.
> For Jion it's eith jion or zion, the reason is that Orientals (Japanese
> especially) have trouble with "z" (and "r") so the Japanese pronounce "z"
> as a mix of "z", "j" and "g". Unfortunately, the dice rolled up "zion",
> and many publications came out with Zion this Zion that, completely
> ignorant of the common meaning of the word Zion.

Because they use a word that's used elsewhere they are ignorant?
Tomino didn't think about that when he created the show and any
retroconstruction is senseless to me.


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