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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Tomonaga writes,
> >Zion Zum Daikun was assasinated by Degin Zabi using the old poison tipped
> >needle-in-a-ring weapon while Zion lay in bed in front of concerned family &
> >friends. This scene was animated and I'm sure it was included in the
> Movies...
> Say what? When? Not as far as I've ever seen.
> Char does accuse Degin of "engineering" the heart attack which killed
> his old man. That's as much detail as we ever get about Daikun's demise,
> and it raises the possibility that Char and his foster father are
> actually just Mulder-esque conspiracy freaks, avenging the untimely death
> of a man who simply ate one too many pork rinds.

I checked both the TV series and the Movies and you are right the scene was
omitted from the Movies and the whole conversation was reworked..

The scene I'm talking about appears during Char's conversation with Sayla at
Texas Colony in Ep39 ' Reunion, Char & Sayla'. I don't consider myself a
conspiracy freak but I am sure from the direction of the scene Degin himself
added the final 'blow' that killed Zion.

Zion is in his bed. Degin is standing close beside the bed. A doctor is standing
on the other side of the bed from Degin. A blond woman is weeping face down on
the bed by the doctor. The bed is surrounded by a circle of people about four or
five deep.

initial poison, knew who was responsible for his present condition. Zion unable
to speak up, raises his hand and points to Degin to reveal his assasin but
everyone assumes he was pointing to Degin to be his successor. Degin swiftly
takes Zion's raised hand and what I believe administers the final dose of poison
through his ring, Zion whispers something into Degin's ear and he dies. Why the
ring? They went to the trouble of drawing attention to it just before the hands
touch. Also the expression on Degin's face during the scene, to me hinted at his
guilt. Also Jinba Ral was familiar with Zion's schedule for the day and knew who
was with him prior to his sudden illness.

My theory is that the first poison didn't act as fast as Degin intended and as
insurance and for appearance sake he rushed to Zion's bedside to finish him off
before he told anyone the truth. Also I'm pretty sure references that I've seen
are all certain that Degin assasinated Zion.

If Degin did assasinate Zion, then he had to be there when he died right? Unless
ofcourse it was a really slow acting poison. As the scene showed he was right
there by his deathbed and in fact the last person to come into contact with him
and hear him speak.

To me everything seems to fit so nicely so I would find it hard to believe now
that Zion death was completely natural. What a tragedy Gundam would be if it was
all a misunderstanding on Jinba Ral's part...

However , you are right that Char's narration in the Movies over the stills of
the bedside scene do seem to suggest it is speculation at best.

> >I don't really know if or how evenly they divided up the gold though. Of the
> >White Base crew it seems some were much better off than others in later
> years. I
> >wonder if they even remembered to take the gold in the heat of battle
> or divide it
> >up...
> Well, Sayla did turn the gold over to Bright and tell him to divvy it
> up among the crew.

> Either gold doesn't go all that far in UC 0079, or
> Bright nobly forfeited his share. He certainly doesn't seem that well-off
> in later shows. But Amuro's clearly well provided-for, and Hayato has his
> vanity space museum...
> -- Mark

I thought she didn't want to keep any of the gold herself when she offered it to
Bright? I can definitely see several of the crew forfeiting their share but I
doubt Sayla would have accepted any of it herself let alone an even larger
share. I guess most of it must have all gone to Amuro and Hayato. I guess Hayato
got the most if you take into account Katsu, Retsu, Kikka, and Frau Bow's share.
: )


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