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On 22 Feb 00, at 10:49, -Z- wrotf:
> I wonder if Tomino cries, laughs, shouts and cheers when he's
> writing...?

Yes. My older Newtypes are in box now, so I can't give you the
issue number. But when Senkou no Hathaway endded, he talked
about how he cried after he finished the endding of it and with it, the
end of Bright Noah's career. He cried for the father, rather than the

Acctually, that reminds me another interesting point on Tomino
characters. While Tomino wrotes about many dysfunctional Father-
Son and Mother-son releationship, only a few significant Father-
daughter pair.(my Quess, and maybe Bella Ronah/Celia Fairchild)
That may seem normal when you consider that he only have four
daughters but no son.

Jim Huang

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