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> >I seem to recall that Char joined the Zeon military academy
> >at the same time as Garma Zavi, both about 0075 IIRC or
> >0074 maybe, but it seemed like they were in for 4 years.
> According to his biography in MSV Technical & History, as related by Mark
> Simmons two years ago, Cassoval Lem Daikun joined the Aznable family in UC
> 0075 and enrolled in the Zeon officer training school later that same
> year. No graduation date is given, but OTS in the American military can be
> as little as 18 months and generally doesn't exceed 3 years.

It all depends I guess on what exactly the institution at which Char et al
Was it a pre-enlistment institution or was it a training school for new
recruits and does it include MS pilot you will see below officer
training doesn't really take that long but pilot training does.

Speaking of the Royal Air Force and it's sister air forces around the world
RAAF, RNZAF, RCAF etc which unlike some branches of the American military only
allow officers to become pilots.

For a career as a pilot you must be between the ages of 17-24 at the time of
And there are generally two paths you can take after enlisting:

1. Military Academy - This institution is equivalent to an university.
Along with basic military and officer training, you study a specified military
subject along with other subjects such as mathematics and physics and complete
a university/college degree in a duration of 3 years. Graduates then join the
'Wings' programme at the flight training stage but with privilege of higher

2. Direct commencement of 18 months Pilot 'Wings' course
10 Week Recruit Course
11 Week Initial Officer Training Course
You become a commissioned officer upon graduation from this course.
24 Week Stage 1 Flight Training (propeller aircraft)
27 Week Stage 2 Advanced Flight Training (jet aircraft)
Upon completion you receive your 'wings'.
Followed by further training in specific aircraft type

The flight training in the air force is considered a crash course when compared
to civilian flight training. I guess in the event of war and shortage of pilots
they can throw out a lot from all stages of the training and cut the time down
to less than half ?

I don't know how it long to train pilots from scratch during WWII but I would
say three to six months at least.

By the way if you can read Japanese you can sit a mock Zeon Military Academy
Final Exam at the Perfect Web page. This is in commemoration of the release of
the PSX Giren's Greed game. You have to enter your personal details but you can
use English. The Exam is in four sections with 25 questions each and all
questions are multi-choice (Is it called multi-choice in the US?).

Section 1 - Knowledge of Universal Century and the Zeon
This is probably the toughest section. Will weed out the men from the boys...

Section 2 - Questions related to the PSX version of the game
You have to know the game well to answer all of this section.

Section 3 & 4 Psychological and Newtype ability section
This is a psychological profile test and also to determine newtype ability.


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