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mirai y wrote:
> You know, I totally agree with you. I find very few new anime these
> days that are worth my time, and I thought maybe it was because I was
> getting too old.

Yeap, I am right along, aging with ya! Anyway as Jojo said, there are
some good ones. Cowboy Bepop (seen only 2 episodes so far) is also very

> Director who made Bubble Gum Crisis 2040, Hayashi
> Hiroki with AIC is now directing a new show called "Kacho Ohji" about
> a middle-aged former rocker who decide to get back into music. It's
> been getting very favorable reviews. (I'll also add that I'm biased

Thanks for giving me his name, I've spent all of 15 minutes searching for
BGC resource on the net and couldn't get his name, I will definitely look
for other stuffs by him.

> for Hayashi-san because he's a personal friend and a heck of a nice
> guy :)

Lucky you!

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