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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> Tomonaga wrote:
> > > > #11: Create Double-Zeta!
> > Activating a MS doesn't sound right to me.
> Fire up! Double-Zeta!
> > In this episode gunfight occurs inside Argama as well as enemy MS landing
> > on Argama.
> I've always understood "white soldier war" as human-to-human shooting? Or
> it can refer to close MS combat also?

Yes, Gundam made it so. Despite piloting MS, it is still man to man combat
because I guess the MS is considered more an super suit of armour. You will
find plenty of references to MS as being built for 'hakuheisen' and the most
famous quotation by Amuro yelling 'Gundam wa tada no hakuheisen yo no mobile
suits ja nai koto o misete yaru!' or something to that effect which means
'I'll show you that the Gundam isn't just an ordinary close
/hand-to-hand/man-to-man/ combat MS.

> > > > #36: Ple-2 Of Heavy G Base
> > 'Juryoku' is Japanese for gravity. 'juryokuka' means pulled down by
> > gravity. Ple Two descends to Earth and fights Ple One and Judo after the
> > colony drop. Ple One gets between Ple Two and Judo, and is killed in the
> > process.
> Does the title implies Puru-2's gravity brought down (killed) someone?

No it doesn't. Only that Puru-2 herself is pulled down by gravity or descend as
a result of gravity. It is a strange title that's for sure.

> (I always prefer this spelling of Puru, sounds closer to the anime)

Me-2. I was just complying with the spelling used by Z. : )


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