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Dafydd writes,

>There are only three possibilities with regard to Madame Daikun:

  There's a blonde woman pictured at Daikun's deathbed in the TV series
flashback. Could this be Mrs. Daikun? The blond hair sure didn't come
from the father's side of the family...

  Presumably, Jinba Ral became the Daikun kids' foster father, under the
Mass name (since it's indicated that he raised Char for his mission of
vengeance). What of the mother? Was she assassinated after Daikun died?
Did she stay at Side 3? Did she flee with Jinba Ral? If so, are Char and
Ranba Ral stepbrothers? The mind boggles...

>She makes one more cameo appearance at the end of
>Gundam ZZ, sporting medical credentials, so we can assume that the used
>some of the money to finance her medical education, which was interrupted
>by the War.

  Yep. It seems pretty clear that Sayla resumed her original vocation and
became a doctor. (Why they let the untrained Frau Bow play backup medic
during the war, while medical student Sayla manned the communications
console, remains a mystery.)

Tomonaga writes,

>Zion Zum Daikun was assasinated by Degin Zabi using the old poison tipped
>needle-in-a-ring weapon while Zion lay in bed in front of concerned family &
>friends. This scene was animated and I'm sure it was included in the

  Say what? When? Not as far as I've ever seen.

  Char does accuse Degin of "engineering" the heart attack which killed
his old man. That's as much detail as we ever get about Daikun's demise,
and it raises the possibility that Char and his foster father are
actually just Mulder-esque conspiracy freaks, avenging the untimely death
of a man who simply ate one too many pork rinds.

>I don't really know if or how evenly they divided up the gold though. Of the
>White Base crew it seems some were much better off than others in later
years. I
>wonder if they even remembered to take the gold in the heat of battle
or divide it

  Well, Sayla did turn the gold over to Bright and tell him to divvy it
up among the crew. Either gold doesn't go all that far in UC 0079, or
Bright nobly forfeited his share. He certainly doesn't seem that well-off
in later shows. But Amuro's clearly well provided-for, and Hayato has his
vanity space museum...

-- Mark

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