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Time for me to chime in on the episode titles. In the interests of
minimizing redundancy, I won't "me too" other peoples' correx.

-- Mark

>#2: The Boys Of Shangri-La

  This should be "boy" singular, methinks; if they'd meant it to be
explicitly plural it probably woulda been "shonen-tachi".

>#4: Mashima's Fiery Blood *

  "Hot-blooded Mashma" seems like a pretty no-brainer translation.
"Mashma the Zealot" has a nice SImpsons-esque cadence to it, but it's a
bit more of a stretch.

>#5: Jude's Determination

  Or "decision," perhaps?

>#11: Create Double-Zeta!

  Granted that "Activate!" is a bit clunky, but there's always "Rev up!",
"Go!", "Let's go!", "Start!", et cetera et cetera.

>#12: All's Well, Then Leina Disappears!

  Dunno where "All's well" comes from. Howzabout "Lina is missing"?

>#13: For Little Sister

  Howabout "My sister!" or just plan "Sister!"?

>#16: Ahgama's Noon Battle **

  As previously noted, this should be "close combat" or maybe "melee"
(though this seems more like a D&D term).

>#17: Stolen Base! Core Top

  Something like "Rescue! Core Top" or "Recover! Core Top".

>#22: Jude Goes On The Attack

  A straight dictionary translation would have this as "Judo, Sally
Forth!" - just like that Z episode title. Sounds ditzy in English, but
there's always "Judo attacks!" or "Judo strikes!".

>#23: To Burn The Earth

  Try "The Burning Earth".

>#24: Love Blooms In The Southern Land

  "Filial love in the south seas" sounds clunky... "Brothery love" is a
bit better... "Love in the south seas" comes off as incestuous in light
of the episode's contents.

>#32: Beyond The Salt Lake

  Or "Crossing the salt lake"...

>#36: Ple-2 Of Heavy G Base

  "Juryoku" is just "gravity," so this is something like "Puru Two under
gravity." "Descent of Puru Two" seems like a reasonable substitute to me.

>#39: Sarasa Returns

  The online WWWJDIC kanji translator, which I'll admit I'm using as a
crutch, maintains that this is "Second Coming of Sarasa," which is just
too juicy to decline.

>#41: Rasara's Command

  "Rasara's Destiny" is another alternative, and one that seems pretty
apt for the episode.

>#44: Emily Expires

  The aforementioned WWWJDIC cites "dying a glorious death" as a
translation. This gives us lots of leeway - "Emily's Sacrifice," "Emily's
Exit," "That no-good floozy bites the big one," et cetera.

>#47: Warrior, Again--

  I kinda like "Warriors Again" because it hearkens back to the last
episode title of L.Gaim. :-)

-- Mark

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