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Tomonaga wrote:
> > > #11: Create Double-Zeta!
> Activating a MS doesn't sound right to me.

Fire up! Double-Zeta!

> In this episode gunfight occurs inside Argama as well as enemy MS landing
> on Argama.

I've always understood "white soldier war" as human-to-human shooting? Or
it can refer to close MS combat also?

> > > #36: Ple-2 Of Heavy G Base
> 'Juryoku' is Japanese for gravity. 'juryokuka' means pulled down by
> gravity. Ple Two descends to Earth and fights Ple One and Judo after the
> colony drop. Ple One gets between Ple Two and Judo, and is killed in the
> process.

Does the title implies Puru-2's gravity brought down (killed) someone?

(I always prefer this spelling of Puru, sounds closer to the anime)

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