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> >Ok so we know Jion Zum Daikun is Char's dad. We know Sayla/Artesia is his
> >sister.
> >But who was his mother?
> >Whatever became of her?
> This is why I like to try and assign birth years to characters, as it helps
> to line things up chronologically.
> Zion Zum Daikun was 59 when he died of unknown causes in UC 0068, which
> would place his birth circa UC 0009.

Zion Zum Daikun was assasinated by Degin Zabi using the old poison tipped
needle-in-a-ring weapon while Zion lay in bed in front of concerned family &
friends. This scene was animated and I'm sure it was included in the Movies...

> >And what happened to Sayla after the OYW?
> She apparently took the money and ran.
> Toward the end of the original Gundam, Char presented her with a trove of
> gold ingots, which he said were her share of their father's wealth. She
> generously split this with the White Base crew and, after the War ended,
> got away from it all in various parts unknown. She makes a cameo
> appearance in Z Gundam, as she hears Char's speech from Dakar and opts to
> stay out of things.

But she did mention having to kill Char herself for what he was planning...I
wonder where she was in CCA?

I don't really know if or how evenly they divided up the gold though. Of the White
Base crew it seems some were much better off than others in later years. I wonder
if they even remembered to take the gold in the heat of battle or divide it up...


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