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I made corrections as well as suggestions and also the meaning of some
titles so that you can come up with a better title to your liking.

Z and Scott DiBerardino wrote:

> > #1: Prelude

It probably doesn't matter but why not leave in the ZZ? 'Prelude ZZ' or
'ZZ Prelude'

> > #2: The Boys Of Shangri-La

The 'shonen' in this case is probably singular referring only to Judo.

> > #3: Warrior Of Endora

It's not warrior but knight. 'Knight of Endora'.

> > #4: Mashima's Fiery Blood *

'Fiery Blood' is probably too strong and inappropriate for this
character. He has a huge crush on (I won't say love) Hamaan and will do
anything to please her and get her to notice him more. He is also a
'knight' in the sense that he strongly believes in the code of war,
honour, fair fight etc...albeit he is incompetent, a dreamer, and a
lunatic. But words like short-temper, anger, rage doesn't apply to him. I
can't think of a good alternative right now...but 'Mashima's Passion' is
more accurate.

> > #5: Jude's Determination
> > #6: Zssa Menace

'Zssa the Menace', 'Zssa's menace'

> > #7: Gaza's Storm
> > #8: Funeral Bell Tolls Twice
> > #9: Jude In Space
> > #10: Adieu, Fa

Does 'Sayonara Fa' need to be translated? Why Adieu? why not Goodbye, or
au revoir or farewell etc...

> > #11: Create Double-Zeta!
> More like, "Activate! Double-Zeta"

'shidou' is the words Japanese use for starting machines. The title will
depend on what English word you prefer to use in reference to starting up
MS. I can't really think of a one word equivalent which sounds good.
Activating a MS doesn't sound right to me.

> > #12: All's Well, Then Leina Disappears!

'Leina has disappeared' or 'Leina is gone' or 'Leina is missing'

> > #13: For Little Sister

I think just 'Little Sister' is fine here.

> > #14: Ghost Colony (Part 1)
> > #15: Ghost Colony (Part 2)

'maboroshi' in this sense is dreamlike or in a vision not ghost. It is in
reference to the Moon Moon colony home to the Light people where
technology has been forsworn and the colony itself has been 'lost' from
the rest of civilisation for several generations. It is more like
Shangri-la or Brigadoon than Judo's Shangri-la. A lost paradise, a dream
land etc...

It's difficult to come up with a short English title for this one.

> > #16: Ahgama's Noon Battle **
> "Boarding of the Ahgama" (close combat)

'hakuheisen' is Japanese for hand-to-hand combat (or close combat).
Essentially all MS are thus built for this purpose and this word appears
frequently in 'Gundam' with respect to MS.

'Close combat aboard Argama', 'Battle aboard Argama' etc something along
those lines.

In this episode gunfight occurs inside Argama as well as enemy MS landing
on Argama.

> > #17: Stolen Base! Core Top

This should be something along the lines of 'Recapture the Core Top'.
Kyara the mentally unstable woman sent to replace Mashima steals the Core
Top after she has had enough of laundry duty aboard the Argama and
decides to go home.

> > #18: Haman's Dark Shadow
> > #19: Ple & Axis &--

Just 'Ple & Axis' or 'With Ple & Axis' the second 'to' in such cases do
not mean '&'

> > #20: Tearful Cecilia (Part 1)
> > #21: Tearful Cecilia (Part 2)
> 'nakimushi' is more of a perjorative: "Crybaby Cecilia"
> > #22: Jude Goes On The Attack

'shutsugeki' is military speak and means sally or sortie, which doesn't
sound very good as a title and doesn't necessarily mean go on the attack.
Other English words that I can think of is 'launch' or 'deploy' which
seems fine for things but not people...

> > #23: To Burn The Earth
> 'moeru' is intransitive: "Burning Earth"

This is a little ambiguous and sound like one is going to burn Earth when
in fact the Earth is already burning. 'Earth that burns' or 'Earth burns'
is more appropriate I think.

> > #24: Love Blooms In The Southern Land

The love here is the love between brother and sister. Blooms is the wrong
word., and it is in the South Seas or Southern Sea. I guess it will have
to be a long title to fit all that, in English. ' Love that exists
between brother and sister in the South Seas'. or something like that.
The brother and sister in question are not Judo and Leina but there is a
close parallel.

> > #25: Rommel's Face
> > #26: Masai's Spirit

I think 'Masai's Heart' is the more appropriate translation in this case.

> > #27: Leina's Blood (Part 1) ***
> > #28: Leina's Blood (Part 2)
> > #29: Roux's Escape
> "Roux's Desertion"; she goes AWOL in this one, right?

'dasso' as in the Z Gundam Episode 4 title is the Japanese military word
for 'desertion'. 'toubo' here means desertion when it is off a ship.
Since Roux does go AWOL from Argama in this episode, 'Roux's desertion'
is the more appropriate title.

> > #30: Blue Squadron (Part 1)
> > #31: Blue Squadron (Part 2)

'Blue Unit', 'Blue Corps', 'Blue Battalion' are more appropriate. They
are a small elite ground based MS unit. They are perhaps too small to be
considered a real battalion but the name is catchy and they are the most
powerful group(the only group?) fighting for Africa's independence.

> > #32: Beyond The Salt Lake
> > #33: Afternoon In Dublin
> > #34: Camille's Voice
> > #35: The Sky Is Falling!

> > #36: Ple-2 Of Heavy G Base
> "Gravity of Ple Two"

'Juryoku' is Japanese for gravity. 'juryokuka' means pulled down by
gravity. Ple Two descends to Earth and fights Ple One and Judo after the
colony drop. Ple One gets between Ple Two and Judo, and is killed in the

It should be something like 'Ple2's gravitational downfall' . This will
represent Ple2's literal descent to Earth as well as the moment in which
she starts to discover her own true identity and later turn to the 'good

> > #37: Near Ahgama
> > #38: Jamru-Fin

This title is missing the 'tetsubeki' part, it should be 'Iron Wall -
Jamru Fin'.

> > #39: Sarasa Returns

I think 'Reappearance of Sarasa' is the more appropriate title and better
reflects 'sairin'. Also consider the fact that the only place Sarasa left
is her Moon Moon colony and she is not returning there in this episode.

> > #40: Tiger Balm's Dream
> Dream as in fantasy or illusion, I think.

Since Tiger Balm is the name of a colony, it could be 'A dream about
Tiger balm' or ' Tiger Balm's illusion'. It has a double meaning in
respect to the episode.

> > #41: Rasara's Command
> I thought this was "Advent of Rasara", but my memory fails me

It's 'Rasara's life'. She dies in this one. MYO/mei/inochi/ means life.
In most cases it doesn't mean order, command or decree on it's own.

> > #42: Core-3 Maiden (Part 1)
> > #43: Core-3 Maiden (Part 2)

'Maiden of Core-3' or 'Maiden from Core-3'

> > #44: Emily Expires

'sange' means the scattering of flower petals. It means the death of a
flower and symbolizes Emily's death. Someting like 'Emily - The flower
sheds its petals' or 'Emily - Wilting flower' ... I'm sure there must be
an English word for the process of a flower losing its petals, but it
will probably sound too scientific and not poetic...


> > #45: Battle Of Axis
> > #46: Vibration
> > #47: Warrior, Again--
> I always preferred, "Warriors once more"
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