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Evan <baka@flash.net>wrote:

> >BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:
> >> It may be just me, but Amuro doesn't really seem to have much of a
> >> personality, emotions, yes, but I can't pin down what excatly Amuro's
> >> personality is. Amuro has a personality, its just not clear what it is.
> >> think Amuro's kind of reserved and keeps his thoughts mostly to
> >
> >I think that's exactly right. Amuro is hard to figure out. I think it's
> >dangerous to label him beyond that. A very important clue of Amuro goes
> >all the way back to his debut in the opening sequence. He was hunched
> >over some electronics, completely oblivous to dressing, meals and a
> >freaking evaculation order! While he later learned to deal with war,
> >comrades and ranking officers, deep down he's still the same anti-social
> >kid

Amuro's personality, at least early on, was that of a self-absorbed,
unsociable, eccentric, tech geek. He was the forerunner of the type of
person the Japanese came to call "otaku" (not the American definition of
otaku). He was emotionally immature, had poor interpersonal skills, and
lacked self-confidence. In other words, he was the opposite of what people
expected a "hero" or a "protagonist" to be.

I saw Amuro described as "autistic-like" and "neurotic" in magazines back
then. The design of his face was also considered quite revolutionary at the
time, with a pointed chin and fine lines bringing out his fragileness.
(Most anime heroes at the time had square chins, thick brows to make them
look strong). This facial design was later copied in many anime, including
Shinji of Evangelion. Shinji's personality is also somewhat like that of

I think that was one of the reasons he struck a chord with so many Japanese
teenagers back then. He was an anti-hero, someone teens could identify
with. Anime fans are often seen as "kurai" (gloomy) and unsocial by
Japanese society. (Of course there were also women who sympathized with
this pathetic kid, bringing out their mothering instincts and liked him for
that reason...)

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