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David "Jojo" Wong wrote:
> A joke, a joke! I just think that anyone who would make an ending as wacky

Alright. Just wanna make sure. For a moment I was worried that he's had
a PROBLEM or something :)

> as in the Ideon would have to be pretty screwy to begin with(and don't
> forget Brain Powered's smiling naked characters). Ahh...but all great anime
> characters are just a little bit crazy, aren't they?

Judo's gang were pretty clueless too.

> Btw, I don't think he's washed up, burnt out or passe. But I do think
> it's harder for him to gain acceptance with the anime crowd than an up
> and coming creator, what with the enormous pressure on him to create
> another revolutionary like Gundam.

I went to another anime club show last week, in 4+ hours of the "latest"
animes I found only Bubble Gum Crisis 2040 worth my time. At the end they
put in an extra tape for "audience testing", forgot the name but it's got
an weird in-your-face deliberately-pointless Pokemon-for-adult-loser style
to it. No wonder Tomino can't "keep up" with the times...

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