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David "Jojo" Wong wrote:
> Depends of Tomino's already questionable mental state.

Wow! Where did that come from? Who has questioned his mental state?
You can say he's burnt out, you may say he's washed up, you may say he's
passe (all of which are debatable), but mental state?

> Opinion question: Has Tomino's directing style changed? It seems that
> between ZZ (or Victory) and Brain Powered, his style has become more
> erratic. Or maybe it's just me and he's always been like that.

I don't even know how to describe his style at any stage of his career.
Forget about the difference between Gundam and Brain Powered, just the
difference between 0079, Z, ZZ and CCA is confusing enough for me.

The first time I saw CCA, I was so confused about the opening I had to pop
the tape out to check that the tape was actually rewinded. I had to watch
CCA 3 times and consulted various references and people before I
understand the whole thing. In contrast, the first few episodes of 0079
was crstral clear straight to the point storytelling.

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