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>Ok so we know Jion Zum Daikun is Char's dad. We know Sayla/Artesia is his
>But who was his mother?
>Whatever became of her?

This is why I like to try and assign birth years to characters, as it helps
to line things up chronologically.

Zion Zum Daikun was 59 when he died of unknown causes in UC 0068, which
would place his birth circa UC 0009. He moved to Side 3 in UC 0052, at the
age of 43. Side 3 declared independence in UC 0058, at which time he
became chairman of the new Republic, age 49. His son Cassoval was 20 in UC
0079, which would place his birht circa UC 0059, Daikun's 50th year --
rather late to be starting a family. Artesia is three years younger than
her big brother, thus born circa UC 0062, when Daikun was 53.

There are only three possibilities with regard to Madame Daikun:

1. She died giving birth to Artesia or shortly thereafter.

2. She was killed or separated from her children during the power grab and
purge that took place a year after the death of her husband, when Zabi
ascended the throne.

3. She died or abandoned her family (fled to another colony with a younger
man, perhaps?) some time between those two events.

The second possibility seems most probable. Daikun dies and is succeeded
by Zabi in October 0068. Zabi is declared Sovereign on 15 August 0069, at
which time his second son, Sasuro, is assassinated and his first son,
Gihren, leads a purge of Zeon Zum Daikun's followers. Cassoval and Artesia
Daikun are taken to Earth by Jinba Lal and his wife, who purchase the Maas
family name and adopt them as Edward and Sayla. Somewhere in all that
turmoil, Madame Daikun quietly disappears and is never heard from again.

>And why in CCA did Char say that Lalah could have a mother to him?
>Was he looking for a mother figure in his life because he never knew his own

Cassoval was about ten years old -- around the same age as Al Izuruha in
Gundam 0080 -- when he and his sister were taken to Earth after witnessing
the world literally go to pieces around them. If his mother died in UC
0062, he'd've been without her from the time he was three, which would
certainly make the loss of his father (and everything else) all the more
devastating. If she survived her husband but not the takeover, he'd've
been the Little Man of the House for a year while she was still presumably
in mourning, then lose her as well. One can imagine all sorts of
Freudian/Oedipal emotions on his part.

Either way, he would have all kinds of reasons to idealize both of his
parents to unhealthy dimensions.

>And what happened to Sayla after the OYW?

She apparently took the money and ran.

Toward the end of the original Gundam, Char presented her with a trove of
gold ingots, which he said were her share of their father's wealth. She
generously split this with the White Base crew and, after the War ended,
got away from it all in various parts unknown. She makes a cameo
appearance in Z Gundam, as she hears Char's speech from Dakar and opts to
stay out of things. She makes one more cameo appearance at the end of
Gundam ZZ, sporting medical credentials, so we can assume that the used
some of the money to finance her medical education, which was interrupted
by the War.

She had the advantage that, with the exception of the well-rewarded White
Base crew, no one knew she was Char's little sister. He'd abandoned the
Mass name and never used it again, adopting the Quattro alias instead, so
when he came forward in Z Gundam it was as Quattro AKA "Red Comet" Char AKA
Cassoval -- and no mention of the Mass name or any surviving kin.

So it's Doctor Mass, thank you, and no, I didn't do anything special during
the War except stay alive. How about you?


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