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Melinda & Andrew wrote:
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Good questions. Can't help much.

> And what happened to Sayla after the OYW?
> Does anyone really care?
> Just wondering about details.

I do, and I think Tomino did too. In a few words, her life after 0079 was
safe, uneventful, but also melancoly and probably lonely (I could be

In Z (and ZZ?) Sayla was seen several times looking up at the sky where
battles were raging on. She was seen in leisure cloths (IIRC, sunbathing
attires) and being well looked after by a servant. IIRC, she didn't say a
single word on screen after 0079. There are two implications:

1. Char took care of her retirement financially and she chose to live a
hermitic but comfortable life away from the suffering and pains of
worldly conflicts.

2. As a Newtype and the equivalent of Leia Skywalker, she was seen as a
potential threat to Fed rule and was placed under house arrest, just like
Amuro Rei.

I've always wonder which of these two were right. Anyone?

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