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Tue, 22 Feb 2000 17:50:23 -0500 (EST) wrote:
> I just received a HG Gundam Heavy Arms Endless Waltz Custom, and upon opening
> it, saw that it was all chromed and transparent plastic. I just took it for

It's a HG Gundam Heavy Arms Endless Waltz Custom _Special_Edition_ you
got. The "special" should have costed you 50% more than the normal kit
(1200 vs 800 Yens).

If you are happy with the crystal/chrome of course you don't paint it.
If you are a painter, you should either return the special kit and get a
normal one and a (small) refund, or sell it or trade it for a normal kit
plus a draft pick or something :)

> granted that it would be as a normal kit, with normal plastic and the
> different plastics surprised me, are they all like this? And I couldn't help
> but wonder, should I paint this? or leave it Transparent and Chrome only
> painting details, any ideas? Your input is greatly appreciated.

If having paid 50% more doesn't bother you much, you can of course paint
it, I've read that breach (dangerous stuff!) and Easy-Off (it's probably a
Canadian brandname, don't know what Americans call it) can get the chrome
coating off.

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