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>Since you asked, I have some comments about the chosen translations.
>I'm doing this from memory, so bear with me.

>> #11: Create Double-Zeta!
>More like, "Activate! Double-Zeta"

I'll buy that.

>> #16: Ahgama's Noon Battle **
>"Boarding of the Ahgama" (close combat)

The actual kanji are HAKU/shiro (white or blank -- misread by me lo these
many years ago as NICHI/hi or sun), HEI (soldier -- also misread, which is
how I got "noon" out of something like "high sun") and SEN/tataka (fight or
war), so a literal reading would be "White Soldiers Battle for Ahgama" --
can anyone make anything out of that?

>> #21: Tearful Cecilia (Part 2)
>'nakimushi' is more of a perjorative: "Crybaby Cecilia"

I'll buy that, too.

>> #23: To Burn The Earth
>'moeru' is intransitive: "Burning Earth"

Got it. Hmm. Is that "burning" as in afire or is it more akin to
"scorched earth" as in the policy of destroying something to keep it out of
enemy hands?

>> #29: Roux's Escape
>"Roux's Desertion"; she goes AWOL in this one, right?

The actual kanji are TO/ni(geru) and BO -- to run away or flee. Runaway
Roux? (It seems to be an exact parallel of the title of Z Gundam #4 ...

>> #36: Ple-2 Of Heavy G Base
>"Gravity of Ple Two"

This one's bugged me for years. The kanji are JU/CHO/omo(i) [heavy],
RIKI/RYOKU/chikara [strength or power] and KA/GE/shita/moto [bottom/beneath
or base] -- can anyone make sense of this?

>> #40: Tiger Balm's Dream
>Dream as in fantasy or illusion, I think.

The kanji is MU/yume -- dream or vision. Pipedream, perhaps?

>> #41: Rasara's Command
>I thought this was "Advent of Rasara", but my memory fails me

The kanji is MYO/mei -- order, command or decree.

>> #47: Warrior, Again--
>I always preferred, "Warriors once more"

And I'll buy that, too.

Thanks. The last time I went through these was about ten years ago, so it
was probably a good idea to dust them off and go through them again.


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