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> wrote:
> > Is Zeon spelled "Zeon" or is it spelled "Jion"? I recenlty watched my
> > subbed Animevillage MSG Movie Trilogy and it sounds like Zeon is
> > actually pronounced Jion. Which is correct?
> The answer is yes! It's spelt Zeon and pronounced Jion.
> I could be wrong... But I think there was first the katakana Jion, and
> then like everything else there were more than one way to romanize it.

Actually there is only one way to romanize it. Although it seems the word
'romanize' is used loosely by English speakers to simply mean 'represent
Japanese characters in English alphabet' and leaving room for personal
interpretation. In Japan 'roma-ji' is actually a complete set of standardised
alphabetised spelling for basic Japanese sounds. There are some characters
that can be spelled in two different ways with English but the
pronounciation will be the same regardless of which spelling you use. Also
revisions were made to the spelling of some sounds but both forms are still
accepted. eg 'si' = 'shi'

Part of the Japanese alphabet that relate to 'Z' are
Za, Ji, Zu, Ze, Zo,

'Ji' is 'Ji' because it is pronounced 'Ji'. 'Gi' is reserved for another
character and is pronouced as 'Ge' in 'Geese'.

The delicate 'Z' sound in 'Zi', 'Zee' etc does not exist in Japanese
language. As is often the case when learning a new language, you relate the
words and sounds of the language you are learning to you mother tongue. In
the case of Japanese people, they see 'Zi' and they think 'Ji'.


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