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Tue, 22 Feb 2000 17:05:37 EST

>OT Q: What other Sunrise releases have come of late? I've only been aware
>as far as Gasaraki and Cowboy Bebop are concerned...

The ones currently running on TV are:

Infinite Rivaiasu (Romaji spelling - although the eye-catch between
commercials has in English "Revise Us") It's basically about a bunch of
kids who get lost in space, with some aliens thrown in. It's not bad, but
not nearly the quality of the other two shows you mentioned.
Also has that "Nippon Animation" look. Running on TV Tokyo

The Big O - This one actually looks quite interesting ... about a near
future where technology has been lost. The look of the characters remind me
of Lupin III, and a touch of American comics, complete with all American
names. Running on WOWOW

Seraphim Call - Appears to be typical girl stuff about a bunch of high
school girls and angels. Running on TV Tokyo latenight.

Betterman - "SF Action" from the director and chara designer who did
Gaogaiger. Running on TV Tokyo latenight.

Nyander Kamen - Comedy about a cat with a mask - for little kids.

The only one of the above I have seen is Rivaius, but the others don't seem
to be too hopeful anyway. TV Tokyo runs most of their more interesting
anime in the 1:30AM slot, and I don't have access to those. (I'm still mad
at them for moving Kaikan Phrase from 7PM to 1:30AM ... it was a lame girl
show about cute rock stars but I sorta liked it.)


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