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>BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:
>> It may be just me, but Amuro doesn't really seem to have much of a
>> personality, emotions, yes, but I can't pin down what excatly Amuro's
>> personality is. Amuro has a personality, its just not clear what it is. I
>> think Amuro's kind of reserved and keeps his thoughts mostly to himself.
>I think that's exactly right. Amuro is hard to figure out. I think it's
>dangerous to label him beyond that. A very important clue of Amuro goes
>all the way back to his debut in the opening sequence. He was hunched
>over some electronics, completely oblivous to dressing, meals and a
>freaking evaculation order! While he later learned to deal with war,
>comrades and ranking officers, deep down he's still the same anti-social
>kid. When I was a kid, it was hard for me to swallow Amuro's temper.
>He's a spoilt whiner! Now I appreciate his personality a lot more.

Your use of the term "antisocial" here is the best way I could describe
him, as a true psychological (not pop culture) definition. Whereas Char is
somebody who I'm FASCINATED with, and who seems to be endlessly charismatic
and flamboyant enough to enthrall people, Amuro seems like a gekko...
fading into the background and watching (at least until it's time for battle).

>On a side note, it's extremely easy to mess up the protrayal of an
>introvert hero like Amuro and Shinji. I think it's masterful storytelling
>on Tomino's part to pull it off so well. The Amuro in Z and CCA, on the
>other hand, was a bit more lame. [flame on!]

I just think there's something going on psychologically with Amuro in Z and
CCA that's interesting in part because it sure as hell doesn't seem to be
like something that could be easily resolved. Seeing so many die and being
in the middle of it has to do something to your head, especially when
you're mankinds "next step..."

It's all part of the beauty of Gundam, this blurring of the lines... if
you're a fed supporter, your "hero" is seemingly bland, but if your a jion
supporter, your "hero" is awesome... (he just happens to want to drop an
asteroid on Earth).

I think it's amusing, and I'm sure I'm not alone...

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