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> >> #27: Leina's Blood (Part 1) ***
> >> ...
> >> * "Fiery Blood" is a literal translation, but "Hot-Headed" might be closer
> >> to the intended meaning.
> >> ...
> >> *** "Blood" (chi) is used here is the same sense of "soul" as in the
> >> marital arts term (chi or ki).
> >

The martial arts term, 'ki' in Japanese, 'chi' in Chinese is the character for
'air' and not 'blood'. (As in Aikido and Taichi).

> >Is the "blood" in Leina's Blood the same word as Fiery Blood? I think the
> >"blood" in the second case is the kanji for the literal blood (and yes
> >"hot-headed" is pretty good translation for "hot-blooded"). But if
> >Leina's blood is also the kanji, I kind of doubt that it's meant as chi.
> It's the same character, KETSU/chi, 6 strokes, thus:
> /
> +-+-+-+
> | | | |
> -+-+-+-+-
> >As I understand it, Japanese uses kanji for both chi (air) and blood
> >(blood). In Chinese the two concepts are well seperated even thought both
> >concepts are related to Chinese medicine/philosophy. I would be rather
> >surprised if Japanese confuse the two.

In Japanese, the character for air and blood are the same as in Chinese.
'air' is pronounced 'ki' or 'ke'
'blood' is pronounced 'chi' or 'ketsu'.

I think the confusion arises because 'air' is 'chi' in Chinese.

> In both cases, the emotion or spirit of the individual seems to be the
> topic. In Mashima's case, it's his fiery blood or hot temper; in Leina's
> case, it's her (implied) youthful or innocent spirit.
> Or I may be totally off base and they just mean blood in the sense of her
> kinship to big brother Jude....
> -Z-

With Mashima's case , it's more hot blooded in the sense that he is extremely
passionate and not that he is short tempered.

In Leina's case, it is literally her blood. Leina is hurt in the those two
episodes and is presumed dead after the cabin she was taking shelter in is
destroyed by a MS that was shot out of the air.


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