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>The question is: can anyone see any problem with using GML information and
>names (but without the email address) on our page? The reason I've went
>on to put the page up is of course that I see very little problem with it.
>Basically I figure that GML is archived on public access internet, so it's
>implied that anything you write on GML are also public access.

I Am Not A Lawyer, but I see only one problem, and that's the fact that you
don't explicitly attribute the GML. "Gundam News" could come from
anywhere, when in fact this is more correctly characterized as "Information
 From The Gundam Mailing List" -- see the difference?

If this does indeed become an archive of information gleaned from multiple
sources, then each entry would require separate attribution, thus:

22 FEB 1999: Gundam Wing cancelled due to protest by Mothers Opposed to
Mobile Suits (MOMS), whose recent spate of e-mail complaints resulted in
what appeared to be a distributed denial of service attack against The
Cartoon Network. -- "Z" (posted this date to the Gundam ML)

>But still some people may not think it's kosher so I want to check with
>you guys. If there's a real problem, I will take the news page down.

As you note, any post to a public forum is implied consent to citation or
quotation, unless there's a specific request for or policy against it, thus:

This work is copyright © 2000 by Dafydd Neal Dyar, all rights reserved.
Please donít repost this document, make this document publicly accessible
via FTP, mail server, or archive site without my explicit permission.
Permission is granted for one hard copy for personal use.

Kota Fujimura's Gundam ML Archive has been quoting us for some time now,
although apparently not since September 1999. He gives his archive policy
and posting credits, as follows:



Again, make it clear where the info came from and give full attribution and
you should be OK. If you're truly concerned about the legalities, then
your best bet is to contact each poster via e-mail and get permission to
use each post before publishing it at your site. Then you can cover
yourself with an "All information and opinions expressed herein are those
of the individual posters, published with their full knowledge and consent,
and do not reflect those of the staff and management of Newtype Asylum"

Did I mention that I Am Not A Lawyer?


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