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>Is Zeon spelled "Zeon" or is it spelled "Jion"? I recenlty watched my subbed
>Animevillage MSG Movie Trilogy and it sounds like Zeon is actually
>Jion. Which is correct?

The katakana consists of the SHI+nigori, O and N. The first katakana is
traditionally pronounced JI, although some pronounce it more as ZHI.

If I were to transliterate it cold, with no knowledge of context, I'd most
likely spell it Ziyon.

In the early days of fandom, there were actually three schools of thought:
Zion, Jion and Gion. "Zion" was favored because it was a real word,
although the real word in question was pronounced entirely
differently. Jion and Gion were closer to the actual pronunciation and a
way to sidestep the unfortunate political connotations of Zion. Some folks
even went with Xion and the Zeon usage first started appearing in fan pubs
about the same time.

In the end, Zion was actually used officially for some years, until Gundam
was slated for export. That's when those unfortunate political
connotations reared their ugly heads and "Zeon" became the official usage.

Having just interviewed for a job at Intel, I'm minded of their Xeon
processor and how ironic it would be if I actually ended up documenting it....


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