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> Is Zeon spelled "Zeon" or is it spelled "Jion"? I recenlty watched my
> subbed Animevillage MSG Movie Trilogy and it sounds like Zeon is
> actually pronounced Jion. Which is correct?

The answer is yes! It's spelt Zeon and pronounced Jion.

I could be wrong... But I think there was first the katakana Jion, and
then like everything else there were more than one way to romanize it.
For Jion it's eith jion or zion, the reason is that Orientals (Japanese
especially) have trouble with "z" (and "r") so the Japanese pronounce "z"
as a mix of "z", "j" and "g". Unfortunately, the dice rolled up "zion",
and many publications came out with Zion this Zion that, completely
ignorant of the common meaning of the word Zion. More recently, the
various writers were alerted of that problem and they started using Zeon.
Now it's the standard spelling. But I think the Western world should be
informed of the original pronounciation.

Personally I think the Taiwanese translation is the best, it's pronounced
Ge Ong, and it means literally "self-support", very much a Jion
philosophy, eh? I think the Hong Kong translation is "self-protect"
but when I was a kid I mistaken it for a while for "self-repulsive" :)

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