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>I seem to recall that Char joined the Zeon military academy
>at the same time as Garma Zavi, both about 0075 IIRC or
>0074 maybe, but it seemed like they were in for 4 years.

According to his biography in MSV Technical & History, as related by Mark
Simmons two years ago, Cassoval Lem Daikun joined the Aznable family in UC
0075 and enrolled in the Zeon officer training school later that same
year. No graduation date is given, but OTS in the American military can be
as little as 18 months and generally doesn't exceed 3 years.

>Does anyone know how long the Fed academy was?

My composite timeline shows Christina MacKenzie entering the EFSF (formerly
UNT Spacy) Academy in September 0076 and graduating in June 0078, at which
time she was assigned to the elite Warfare Research Group.

>And how long were the crash course programs fielded by
>both sides after the start of the war? Six months seems to
>be about right, but I want somebody else's opinion other
>than my own...

In my own experience, the Defense Information Schools (DINFOS) at Fort
Benjamin Harrison IN condensed a three-year telecommunications and
broadcast journalism course into nine weeks -- three weeks of core
curriculum, three weeks of live radio broadcasting and three weeks of live

Previously, I attended a technical school in avionics geared around a six
to ten week schedule.

And, of course, there's basic training, an intense crash course program
that runs four to six weeks.


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