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>Is "Captain Zeon" seen anywhere else other than the
>MS Era book?

It's just something cooked up for the MS Era book. In the original 1990
edition, it was Captain Zion. The visual gag here is that the "Z" in the
Captain's logo is the same as the "Z" in the Z Gundam logo.

>Does it get shown in Side 6, or the Moon? I already am
>assuming Sides 1,2,4,5,7, and Earth don't view such a
>blatantly anti-federation show....

The geometry of the Lagrange points is such that special provisions would
have to be made to beam it from Side 3 (L2) to Side 5 (L1) or Earth, which
are only in line of sight when Side 3 is at the apogee of its halo orbit
and can "peek over" the Moon. By the same token, Side 7 and the near side
of the Moon are always eclipsed and could only be reached by relaying the
signal through L4 (Side 2 or 6) or L5 (Side 1 or 4).

Presuming an active Zeon propaganda movement, I would expect that Granada
and the other farside Moon colonies would be blanketed, as well as L4 and
L5 -- all in direct line of sight of L3. I'd also expect repeaters in Side
6 (L4) and Solomon (L5) to relay the signal to the nearside Moon colonies,
Side 5, Earth and Side 7. Solomon was a Zeon stronghold and Side 6 was
neutral territory, rife with Zeon agents and sympathizers.

>Was "Captain Zeon" just introduced for the war, or was
>it more since the Zavis took over, since Federation ships
>had been blockading Side 3 for years...

The "dateline" on the "photo" in Plate 43 is "U.C. 0079 May" -- during what
was once referred to as a period of stalemate between the Federation and
Zeon. At this time, the Zeon occupation was close to its peak and Solomon
was just going operational near Side 1, so all the pieces were in place to
blanket the Earth Sphere.

So, if there ever really was a Captain Zeon, I expect it was only produced
and broadcast during the War, subsequent to the invasion of Earth. It's
worth noting that Captain Zeon casts Side 3 as the underdog, defending
itself from attacks by "Feddy" soldiers, spies and subversives.


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