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> #27: Leina's Blood (Part 1) ***
> ...
> * "Fiery Blood" is a literal translation, but "Hot-Headed" might be closer
> to the intended meaning.
> ...
> *** "Blood" (chi) is used here is the same sense of "soul" as in the
> marital arts term (chi or ki).

Is the "blood" in Leina's Blood the same word as Fiery Blood? I think the
"blood" in the second case is the kanji for the literal blood (and yes
"hot-headed" is pretty good translation for "hot-blooded"). But if
Leina's blood is also the kanji, I kind of doubt that it's meant as chi.

As I understand it, Japanese uses kanji for both chi (air) and blood
(blood). In Chinese the two concepts are well seperated even thought both
concepts are related to Chinese medicine/philosophy. I would be rather
surprised if Japanese confuse the two.

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