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>I sort of liked the setting, too. It's very un-Gundam like. It hints at
>1800's America. (Nicely complemented by Kanno's Copland-esque music) In a
>way, I thought it was a nice continuation of the V Gundam timeline. Earth
>was polluted and civilization was almost gone at the end of V Gundam, so
>it's believable to think that a lot of the technology became lost and
>forgotten, people starting over from scratch.

I got the impression that the technology wasn't lost so much as forsworn --
something like the Amish or some of the 60s communes. Tomino had something
like that in the original Gundam, with entire communities of "caretakers"
who lived traditional pre-industrial lifestyles on Earth to preserve the
cultures of societies that had been exiled to space.

>>And then Loran is always naked! As far as I can tell, the fish plate
>>thingy is only there for loran to hang around his neck to cover
>>himself. He even does his first sortie in the Gundam naked!
>Well, that's Tomino-ism for you! Lots of nude scenes. Loran also hits his
>groin twice in the first 8 episodes...
>The ending animation of naked Loran flying through the air is quite
>reminiscent of the opening animation of Brain Powerd.

Tomino seems to be using nudity to symbolize freedom of spirit here. In
the past, he's used nudity for comic effect more often than not, as with
the Usso escape scene. When he's not using it to yank the audience's
chain, he often uses it to convey childlike innocence. And, of course,
pure spirits are shown as nudes, as in the famous conclusion of Ideon and
various Newtype encounters.

>By about episode 8, the "emotional effect" is in full force. (Heck! I was
>crying at the end of ep. 8) I think that's what I really enjoy about
>Tomino's anime. It has that subjective "something" that makes it special.
>I'm actually looking forward to getting more episodes.

I think that Tomino's anime is so affecting because Tomino cares about his
characters and is able to make his audience care, but he is not protective
of his characters and lets them get hurt. It's the same thing that made
Babylon 5 so good -- a writer who creates characters with whom we can
identify and puts them in situations whose consequences are deeply felt by
all concerned.

I wonder if Tomino cries, laughs, shouts and cheers when he's writing...?


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