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Hey, what do you know, I was just wondering about the same thing :)

Paul Fields wrote:

> I seem to recall that Char joined the Zeon military academy
> at the same time as Garma Zavi, both about 0075 IIRC or
> 0074 maybe, but it seemed like they were in for 4 years.

Hmm, I'd be about as much interested in what year they entered and left
the academy, although I may be able to find that (and hence how long it
was) by digging through the timelime.

> Does anyone know how long the Fed academy was?

Apparently, it's just two years! According to Z's timeline, 0080's
Christine Mackenzie entered the academy in September 0076 and graduated
in June 0078. I wouldn't count this as a rush graduation either since
this is before the OYW. Being born in May 0058, Christine was apparently
18 when she entered and 20 when she left. Similarly, 2nd Lieutenant Chuck
Keith from 0083 is also 20.

However, I'd note this doesn't seem to stand up to several other
examples. 2nd Lieutenants Bright Noah from MS Gundam and Kou Uraki from
0083 are both 19. This could just indicate that they entered the academy
early or Christina entered late, but doesn't leave much time for
post-academy training.

Usually, graduation from a military academy is followed by a six-month
officers basic course or something, like MS pilot school in our case. The
academy by contrast is usually more of the stereotypical type, lots of
textbook learning (from tactics to Latin), drill, PT, some infantry-type
training (for the Army), etc. The specialization training comes
afterwards. OTOH, Bright was apparently on some sort of training cruise
that could have been part of his post-academy training, while I suppose
Kou could have graduated in June 0083 and spent the months prior to
October 0083 in MS pilot training (which could in turn indicate a 4-5
month MS piloting school).

There are a few notable exceptions to the above ages. 2nd Lieutenant
Shiro Amada from 08th MS Team is 24, while 1st Lieutenant Mora Bascht
from 0083 is 26. Additionally, 1st Lieutenant Bernard Monsha from 0083
seems to be at the least in his mid to late 20s. My guess is that these
characters were first enlisted pilots or soldiers in the OYW, which seems
to be backed up by the character histories of Shiro and Monsha.

> And how long were the crash course programs fielded by
> both sides after the start of the war? Six months seems to
> be about right, but I want somebody else's opinion other
> than my own...

Who knows. If MS Era is to be trusted at all (which it probably shouldn't
be), Christina Mackenzie was one of the new MS pilots in September 0079.
But that does sound about right, factoring in when the Federation
actually started fielding the very first Mobile Suits (October). In fact
I'd bet many a GM pilot ended up sent out with only a few weeks training.

    Neil Baumgardner

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