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Tue, 22 Feb 2000 20:51:59 +0800

Sir Loin of Beef wrote:

> I just saw these 2 gachapon sets of 'Gundam Wing Endless Waltz' and 'Turn A'.

Are the Turn A figures from Stage 11 of gashapon SD Gundam ? As for the
Endless Waltz series, I've never seen any SD gashapon. The only gashapon
I know of is the Wing Zero Custom from Stage 5 of Mobile Suit Selection.
There were also Wing and Turn A figures in Stage 1 and 11 respectively
for that series.

> They're not part of the current 16 stage set.
Where did you get 16? There is only 15 listed in the Gundam Perfect Web.

> Has anyone seen these before? How do they compare to the standard 16 stages?

Where did you see those? I would be interested in taking a look ...


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