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> Well, that's Tomino-ism for you! Lots of nude scenes. Loran also hits
> groin twice in the first 8 episodes...
> The ending animation of naked Loran flying through the air is quite
> reminiscent of the opening animation of Brain Powerd.

What's this? Fan service for the ladies? :)

But seriously, didn't Tomino say in an interview (heard this secondhand)
that when he showed those naked women he was symbolizing rebirth?

What's his excuse this time around? :)

> >But what convinced me that I should keep watching this series, are
> >those moments where Tomino is able to convey an emotion and make you
> >feel that these characters are real. When Loran is standing on the
> >head of his buried MS Flat, looking up at the moon and telling it
> >what a great place earth is, and that everyone should come down from
> >the moon and enjoy it...
> >--Well, it's probably all subjective anyway.

I agree with you here. The emotions are pretty genuine in the series - but
they use pretty established episode formats and techniques done for Nippon
Animation shows. To give you an idea of the kind of stuff they broadcast -
TV shows like "Heidi", "Cinderella", "The Adventures of Cedy". These don't
sound like your usual boys fare. :)

The steampunk effect mixes quite well into the fabric as is using a bit of
Miyazaki hijinks here and there. Overall, a refreshing look. But this is
only the start however. I wonder how the series will look like when it
reaches the moon.

> By about episode 8, the "emotional effect" is in full force. (Heck! I
> crying at the end of ep. 8) I think that's what I really enjoy about
> Tomino's anime. It has that subjective "something" that makes it special.
> I'm actually looking forward to getting more episodes.

True. I just hope it steamrolls further. I feel this thing is a powder keg
about to explode on their faces. (I've only read the synopsises so I could
properly watch episodes 1-8)

> The overall animation quality in the first 10 eps. or so
> that I've seen has been quite good, though. I'm just wondering if Sunrise
> is on a trend of getting away from the typical shonen anime designs to the
> Ghibli-esque character designs... an idea I'm not too crazy about.

 'bout time they had a fresh look - particularly for Gundam. But there's
only so many ways you can reinvent something.

OT Q: What other Sunrise releases have come of late? I've only been aware to
as far as Gasaraki and Cowboy Bebop are concerned...


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