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Mon, 21 Feb 2000 19:41:02 EST

>I've seen the first 4 eps. and I like what I saw (mostly). The whole
>old european setting is cool. There are so many little details around
>that give the environment an unusual, otherworld feeling--kind of
>like a toned down "Wings of Honeamise" world. In this setting the
>mecha really look good. I loved seeing those huge Wadomes and tiny
>Wadds running around. My problems are with the incompetent action
>scenes. You can't tell what's going on, the direction is screwy, the
>scenes poorly laid out, animation is very choppy.

I sort of liked the setting, too. It's very un-Gundam like. It hints at
1800's America. (Nicely complemented by Kanno's Copland-esque music) In a
way, I thought it was a nice continuation of the V Gundam timeline. Earth
was polluted and civilization was almost gone at the end of V Gundam, so
it's believable to think that a lot of the technology became lost and
forgotten, people starting over from scratch.

Turn A didn't look as bad as I thought - the dome head bothered me more than
the mustache. But I agree with the incompetent action scenes. I was sort
of disappointed with the animation, too. The quality isn't as good as I
expected. I got used to the simplistic character design after a while, but
distortion of their faces in many scenes did bother me a lot.

Both the animation and the setting reminded me of some of the older Japanese
family anime, like Heidi of the Alps and Dog of Flanders (I personally hated
those types of shows as a kid.)

>And then Loran is always naked! As far as I can tell, the fish plate
>thingy is only there for loran to hang around his neck to cover
>himself. He even does his first sortie in the Gundam naked!

Well, that's Tomino-ism for you! Lots of nude scenes. Loran also hits his
groin twice in the first 8 episodes...
The ending animation of naked Loran flying through the air is quite
reminiscent of the opening animation of Brain Powerd.

>But what convinced me that I should keep watching this series, are
>those moments where Tomino is able to convey an emotion and make you
>feel that these characters are real. When Loran is standing on the
>head of his buried MS Flat, looking up at the moon and telling it
>what a great place earth is, and that everyone should come down from
>the moon and enjoy it... Well, I believed it. Like in the original
>Gundam when Amuro is first out in space with the gundam, waiting for
>these missiles to come at him. He's breathing hard, scared, confused-
>I didn't just know it- I felt it, believed it. That's something rare,
>--Well, it's probably all subjective anyway.

By about episode 8, the "emotional effect" is in full force. (Heck! I was
crying at the end of ep. 8) I think that's what I really enjoy about
Tomino's anime. It has that subjective "something" that makes it special.
I'm actually looking forward to getting more episodes.

Off topic but, I've been watching Revi-us (I think I've seen it also written
as Revise Us) by Sunrise. It also has the simplistic, family-anime style
character designs. The overall animation quality in the first 10 eps. or so
that I've seen has been quite good, though. I'm just wondering if Sunrise
is on a trend of getting away from the typical shonen anime designs to the
Ghibli-esque character designs... an idea I'm not too crazy about.

mirai y
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