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Mon, 21 Feb 2000 18:05:43 CST

Mark writes,

> >Is it also unmanned like the Turn X, or does cool-looking piece of >
> >hardware actually have a pilot?
> Actually, the Turn X _does_ have a pilot - Gim Gingaham, to be >precise.
>Though I'm not sure whether the cockpit is in the head or in the
>standard, um, pelvis. That said, the Comic BomBom adaptation doesn't
>indicate whether the Bandit is also human-operated.

Oh, so the Turn X is manned... for a while, the gossip about the Turn X
(after we all figured out that it was NOT a Gundam ^)^) was that it was some
kind of unmanned weapon system (i.e. mobile doll). That clears things up a
bit. :)

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