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>Thanks, but I need spoilers. I have yet to find out exactly what happens to
>who and why. Was that ep. guide ever completed? I only remember seeing
>those last shows about 10 years ago. (I'm waiting for the DVD versions)

Since I wrote that episode guide over ten years ago -- 9 Oct 1989, to be
precise -- I can say without equivocation that it was never
completed. James Teal wrote synopses of the last five episodes for Animag
#10 in 1990 and, although I disagree with much of it, I saw no reason to
reinvent the wheel.

That being said, Mark Simmons graciously stepped forward and offered his
own inimitable synopses of the Final Five that last time this came up and
I, of course, saved a copy.

And so, with suitable Spoiler Space, here they are again:


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Episode 46: "Scirocco Steps Forward"

With the Axis-Titans alliance on the ropes (what with Hamaan having double-
crossed the Titans, captured the colony laser, and smashed the asteroid
Axis into the Gate of Zedan), the leaders of both sides (Jamitov, Hamaan
and Scirocco) meet aboard Hamaan's flagship to see if they can't work
things out.

Meanwhile, Katsu sneaks aboard the ship with the hare-brained notion that
he's going to whack Scirocco and win Sara's love. He meets up with Char
(still hanging out aboard Hamaan's ship), who improves on Katsu's plan by
breaking into the conference room and trying to kill *everyone* involved.
As luck would have it, Scirocco has meanwhile pulled a gun on Hamaan; Char
breaks in, draws a bead on Scirocco, Sara senses the threat and fires her
mobile suit's beam guns through the ship and into the conference room.
Total chaos ensues, and everyone flees; Scirocco finds himself alone in the
room with Jamitov, and shoots him just for kicks. Then he flees the Axis
flagship, telling the Titans fleet that Hamaan had Jamitov whacked. The
Titans open fire on the ship and destroy it.

Now that everybody's outside in their mobile suits, Hamaan and Scirocco
face off in one of those newtype staring matches. Reccoa and Sara, watching
from the sidelines, decide to take out Hamaan while she's distracted - but
Katsu has the same idea in regards Scirocco, and comes zooming in to shoot
him in the back. Sara takes the hit, saving her purple-haired Humbert Humbert.

Episode 47: "Universal Maelstrom"

AEUGO launches Operation Maelstrom, an all-out attempt to capture the
colony laser back from the Axis. Camille faces off against Hamaan, becomes
embroiled in a newtype mind-meld, and has his butt saved by Fa and Katsu.
The operation succeeds, as the AEUGO forces wipe out the hapless Axis.

Episode 48: "From Rosamia's Heart"

The asteroid Axis, last seen plowing into the Titans' asteroid headquarters
in episode 45, has made a semi-orbit of Earth and is now heading for an
imminent collision with the moon. It's on course to plow directly into
Granada, a major base of support for AEUGO and the home of its sponsor
Anaheim Electronics. The AEUGO forces are ordered to drop whatever they're
doing and save the corporate headquarters from imminent destruction.

While the AEUG fleet consolidates around the colony laser, the Agama is
sent to Axis for some reason that currently escapes me. Camille, nosing
about the asteroid, runs into the mighty Psyco Gundam Mk.II, piloted by
"sister" and artificial newtype Rozamia Badam. The Psyco Gundam gets stuck
in the asteroid's innards, and Camille, Rozamia and Fa begin chasing each
other around on foot. Rozamia is a total basket case (still), and Camille
keeps getting these Four vibes from her. Fa tries to talk the addle-brained
artificial newtype down, but no dice; she rushes back to the Psyco Gundam
and the battle is resumed. In the end, Camille has no choice but to kill
Rozamia; she thanks him for releasing her from her torment.

Meanwhile, Scirocco eliminates his only remaining rival for control of the
Titans. Basque Om's flagship, the Dogos Gear, is guarded by artificial
newtype Geits Kappa, who is simultaneously "coaching" Rozamia; when she
dies, the psychic backlash kills Geits as well, and Scirocco's forces (led
by Reccoa) swarm over the Dogos Gear and blow it to bits.

AEUGO uses the colony laser to fire at the asteroid Axis and divert it from
its collision course. Yay!

Episode 49: "Scattered Souls"

While the Agama makes its way back to the rest of the AEUGO fleet, the
Titans and Axis have both shown up to try and wrest back control of the
colony laser. A vicious three-way battle begins, with AEUGO, Hamaan's Axis
and Scirocco's Titans throwing all their forces into the fray. Thus begins
the Great Character Purge.

Emma and Katsu dock to form the Super Gundam and fend off Yazzan's Hambrabi
trio; Katsu insists on sticking around to fight in his puny cockpit
capsule, and Yazaan chases him into an asteroid. A furious Emma blows away
Yazzan's wingmen, but the enemy ace sneaks up behind her and blasts the
Gundam's back. Like an idiot, Henken manuevers the Radish into the fight to
try and cover Emma - cover a mobile suit with a battleship! - and Yazzan
doesn't even break a sweat as he shoots the Radish to pieces.

One very funny moment: Scirocco and Reccoa charge into battle, facing about
a hundred Axis mobile suits. Suddenly there's a blaze of light, as Char -
sitting on the sidelines - toasts the Axis forces with his mega bazooka
launcher, leaving Scirocco all dressed up with nobody to fight.

Meanwhile, the Agama contingent finally arrives. Camille is intercepted by
Jerid, but shrugs him off with little effort; Jerid's crippled mobile suit
spins off and plows into the wreck of the Radish, blowing whatever's left
of the ship and its crew into space dust.

Emma, her Gundam repaired, sets out to duel Reccoa. The two former friends
strike, and Emma scores a dead hit. Emma recklessly gets out to inspect the
wreck of Reccoa's mobile suit and see if she's still alive; Yazzan, lurking
nearby, opens fire, hits the wrecked mobile suit, and it explodes. Emma
takes a hunka hunka burning shrapnel in the gut. Camille hulks out, chops
up Yazzan's mobile suit (though the fiend himself escapes), and collects
Emma's dying body.

Episode 50: "Run Through The Cosmos"

Emma and Camille, huddled aboard a wrecked ship, have a last
heart-to-heart. She urges him to take her life and use it to fight.

Meanwhile, Char is duking it out with Hamaan and Scirocco inside the barrel
of the colony laser. The terrible twosome quickly dismantle Char's Type
100, and the action then shifts to the inner rooms of the superweapon. The
trio are joined by Camille and Fa for more pistol-waving, pontificating,
philosophizing action; then they all hop back into their mobile suits and
hightail it out of the colony laser. Bright, who's been patiently waiting
for his pilots to clear the barrel, then activates the colony laser and
disintegrates the Titans fleet.

Final duel time! Hamaan and Char end up slugging it out inside another
wrecked ship. Char almost wins, despite the fact his mobile suit has about
one limb left, but he forgot about the Quebeley's funnels. D'oh. Hamaan
offers him a chance to live and serve her (declined), then Char nails the
ship's Secret Self-Destruct Widget with the Type 100's vulcans and blows it
up around them. Hamaan escapes.

Meanwhile, Camille discovers how frustrating it is to fight an
indestructible mobile suit. Giving up on defeating Scirocco through
conventional means, he summons all the friendly newtype ghosts at his
disposal (Emma, Four, Rozamia) to hold the cold-blooded manipulator in
place (Sara's ghost almost intervenes to help her man, but Katsu's ghost
talks her out of it). Transforming the Zeta into wave rider mode, Camille
plows into Scirocco's mobile suit and crushes him into pulp (very
memorable!). The dying Scirocco fries Camille's teeny brain in revenge.

Da end. Fa collects her childhood pal, now with the IQ of a pork cutlet.
The Titans are history, the Axis withdraw to pursue world domination, the
AEUG are all but wiped out, the colony laser has supposedly blown a gasket.
And the torso of the Type 100 drifts by, its cockpit hatch open, empty...?

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Thank you, Mark, for that informative and inspirational wrap-up!


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