Chris Beilby (
Mon, 21 Feb 2000 20:29:01 GMT

><< It looks like they took 1/144 GW models and built them, painted them
> added weights to them) and sold them as toys...
> just look at the sandrock's shoulder armor... >>
>Yes, but some really do look like actual toys. 1/144's are bigger then 4.5
>inches. Besides, those are most likely PROTOTYPES . . .
>Besides, Bandai wouldn't be that stupid to use built 1/144's and pass them
>off as toys. Wait until you know for sure, don't just assume something . .

They actually look like they could be for the MSIA series. They've released
the Turn A, and this is about the right size... Who knows... Perhaps these
are future installments in the MSiA series as well...
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