James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Mon, 21 Feb 2000 12:32:06 -0800

>BTW, I finally got to watch the first 8 episodes of Turn A. The
>character design and the animation took some getting used to, but I
>rather like it. (I could NEVER get used to the opening theme,
>however. It's really bad.) Anyone else with any opinions on the

I've seen the first 4 eps. and I like what I saw (mostly). The whole
old european setting is cool. There are so many little details around
that give the environment an unusual, otherworld feeling--kind of
like a toned down "Wings of Honeamise" world. In this setting the
mecha really look good. I loved seeing those huge Wadomes and tiny
Wadds running around. My problems are with the incompetent action
scenes. You can't tell what's going on, the direction is screwy, the
scenes poorly laid out, animation is very choppy.

And then Loran is always naked! As far as I can tell, the fish plate
thingy is only there for loran to hang around his neck to cover
himself. He even does his first sortie in the Gundam naked!

But what convinced me that I should keep watching this series, are
those moments where Tomino is able to convey an emotion and make you
feel that these characters are real. When Loran is standing on the
head of his buried MS Flat, looking up at the moon and telling it
what a great place earth is, and that everyone should come down from
the moon and enjoy it... Well, I believed it. Like in the original
Gundam when Amuro is first out in space with the gundam, waiting for
these missiles to come at him. He's breathing hard, scared, confused-
I didn't just know it- I felt it, believed it. That's something rare,
--Well, it's probably all subjective anyway.


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