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>> In the case of our Mr. Vidan, I think it's pretty obvious that his name is
>> supposed to be Camille, since he has a serious hang up over having a
>> name.
>Yup. That's how I remember someone telling me - but I first doubted it when
>I saw the MG kit with Kamiru written on it.

Bandai is not known for consistency in their Romanization of names.

>I thought that maybe some
>American thought it was Camille and posted it up on the web and became the
>defacto standard for some reason. The people who know Nihongo on this ML
>haven't really said anything about Kamiru being a girl's name in Japan, I'll
>just assume that the intention was to use the name Camille for now... :)

Er... did you sleep though the first episode of Zeta Gundam?


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