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Rodrick Su wrote:

> > BTW, I finally got to watch the first 8 episodes of Turn A. The
> > character
> > design and the animation took some getting used to, but I rather
> > like it.
> > (I could NEVER get used to the opening theme, however. It's
> > really bad.)
> > Anyone else with any opinions on the show?
> >
> The opening theme song isn't bad at all, when you knock out the "Turn-A"
> chant. Otherwise, they actually got some singer from the '70s and sang the
> song '70s stile.

I got an MPEG of it and boy it really looks gothic... It's the worst gundam
opening ever.
No action scenes of the gundam or any MS, just the Turn A's hands and showing
Loran, Soshie and Diana and that red glassed guy... seeesh...

It's like some sort of Nightmare on Elm Street gundam version.

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